49ers Trick and Kick Chiefs Into A 22-17 Win

October 5, 2014

This game displayed¬†some beautiful 49ers’ football featuring strong passing, even stronger rushing, a strong defense, and even stronger special teams. Today, the whole team really clicked, putting together some great offensive drives, making great plays on defense, and using some trick plays to beat the Chiefs on special teams. The game opened up with a pretty easy Chiefs drive for a touchdown, led by ex-49er Alex Smith. The 49ers immediately…


49ers Slide Past Eagles for Second Victory

September 28, 2014

Talk about reversing trends. Up until today’s game the 49ers were at least consistent in being great and playoff-worthy in the first half, while being equally awful in the second half. They would create huge leads in the first half, like they did two¬†weeks ago against the Bears, where they went up 17-7 in the first half, then lost 28-20. Today, they were down 21-13 entering halftime, although they only…


49ers Start Strong, But End Sloppy As They Fall To The Bears

September 14, 2014

This 28-20 loss really wasn’t what it seems to be. It was not a close game with both teams playing well and going back and forth in score. Instead it was two separate games combined into one. In this first part, the 49ers went up 17-0 due to some great defensive plays and a strong, fluid offense. In the second part, the Chicago Bears did almost the same thing, winning…