Our Staff MLB Preview

By Ben Leonard

With the MLB season starting Sunday, it forces me to look back on last year’s picks, and remember that I picked the….Miami…..Marlins…..to win it all. They had so much promise — all they had to do was stay afloat until Jose Fernandez came back, and there would be a parade down Miami Beach, probably starting at 2 AM. But Jeffrey Loria happened.

Here’s to a better 2016:


Award/Winner Ben Leonard Apurv Baichwal Seg Enthovernon Joe Lami
AL MVP Mike Trout Carlos Correa Mike Trout Carlos Correa
NL MVP Bryce Harper Bryce Harper Giancarlo Stanton Bryce Harper
AL Cy Young Chris Sale Chris Sale Corey Kluber Dallas Keuchel
NL Cy Young Jose Fernandez Max Scherzer Noah Syndergaard Jake Arrieta
AL ROY Byron Buxton…if I have to… Byron Buxton Tyler White Josh Gallo
NL ROY Trevor Story….What a STORYbook ending Corey Seager (let me be wrong) Lucas Giolito Corey Seager
AL West Houston Astros Houston Astros (how could they lose; they’re stacked) Oakland A’s… somehow Houston Astros
AL Central Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals Detroit Tigers (And we’ll never be)


AL East Toronto Bat Flips The Canadians (The Blue Birds) Boston Pablo Sandovals Jays
NL West Even Year San Francisco Giants The G-Men San Francisco Giants Giants
NL Central Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs (back from the dead) Chicago Cubs Cubs
NL East New York Mets New York’s less famous team Washington Nationals Mets
AL Wild Cards Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians New York Yankees and Boston Bench-Sandovals Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers White Sox, Orioles
NL Wild Cards St. Louis Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks and Pittsburgh Pirates Colorado Rockies and Pittsburgh Pirates Dodgers, Cardinals
World Series Matchup Astros vs. Giants Royals vs. Giants (2014 repeat) Los Gigantes y Los Sandovals Cubs-Jays (A DROUGHT WILL END!)
WS Winner Giants Giants Is it an even year? 2016/2=1008 GIANTS ALL THE WAY Jays
A’s Over/Under 75 Wins Over — Moneyball Magic gets them to 77 Over – you have to believe in the Beane (forget about Bob Melvin) under – Sean Doolittle leads them to a 69-win year Under, but not by much (Unless they trade Gray)
Angel Pagan Over/Under 120 Games Under Over – hitting ninth he’ll breakout and be injury-free Exactly 120 games Under-Around 95
Worst Record  In Baseball Philadelphia Phillies Cincinnati Reds (they’re bad) Miami Marlins: Stanton WAR = Miami win total Padres
Jeff Samardzija ERA 3.69 3.99 (I believe) 4.5 3.62
Bold Prediction Jeffrey Loria doesn’t have a firesale Cubs win 100 games (then proceed to break the Big Drought) Brandon Belt wins the triple crown… In horse racing Brandon Belt doesn’t cool off after May.