Message to the Fans From York

By: Joe Lami


49ers’ owner Jed York spoke with the media for the first time in over a year on Monday morning at Levi’s Stadium. Once again, it was to discuss the termination of a head coach, as the 49ers reported late Sunday night that Jim Tomsula won’t be continuing as the head coach.

York began the conference by thanking and apologizing to the fans for going through the difficult times, “this season was difficult on multiple levels. We took a step back towards a goal of winning a super bowl.”. York also acknowledged the criticism that he’s faced from the fans, whether it be from social media or even the banners that were being flown over the stadium.

He went on to say that he understands his role as the owner of the 49ers and that he has taken a step backwards with communicating via social media, and he shouldn’t be a distraction to the team.

The most important step moving forward will be choosing a new coach for the 49ers. York confirmed on Monday that General Manager Trent Balke will remain on and will be in charge of choosing the next head coach. This seems to be different because, with the initial hiring of Tomsula, it appeared to be solely York’s decision. By taking this step back, he is getting out of the way and allowing football minds make the football decisions, a criticism that hit him hard this year.

York appeared to have also shown that Balke might be on his final string by indicating how important the upcoming draft is with the seventh overall selection San Francisco will have. With Balke’s previous draft record, one has to question with he’s up for such a high task, but York is giving him on final chance mentioning that he has taken us there before, and he can do it again.

While York didn’t want to tip his hand too much on what San Francisco will be looking for, he mentioned the apparent in finding a leader and a general that can lead a team to winning a Super Bowl. When it was brought up that the 49ers seemed to have a coach with these qualities in Jim Harbaugh, York danced around that question. York also mentioned that the 49ers do have a short list on possible candidates they will contact and that the media is free to speculate.