Is It Time To Focus On Next Season?

By: Chris Loveland

Well we all knew this season’s start was a mirage. But, nobody saw a fall from grace quite like this. Derek Carr has looked very average lately, the defense stinks, and the special teams play is subpar. But there is hope!

1.) Derek Carr is a legit franchise quarterback.

2.) Charles Woodson discovered the fountain of youth. The actual fountain of youth.

3.) Latavius Murray is a talented one cut runner, and is a truly versatile running back.

4.) The receiving corps is extremely good. One might go so far as to say they are among the best in the league.

5.) Khalil Mack has shown a whole lot of talent, and has the potential to lead this defense to greatness.

6.) Marquette King is the man.

7.) The offensive line could be worse.

8.) Jack Del Rio is a decent coach that has quietly flown under the radar this year.

9.) Their division is only getting worse (Looking at you Peyton)

10.) It appears as if we are not getting moved to LA. For now.


Go Raiders.