Raffi Torres Releases Apologetic Statement

Raffi Torres’ lawyer has, presumably, written and released a statement apologizing for Torres’ borderline-assault of Jakob Silfverberg in a meaningless preseason game. See the hit here.

Torres expressed disappointment with himself in the brief statement, a disappointment that must have been absent from his mind as he strode towards Silfverberg before the hit. His humanity shown through, however, in his copy-paste relief of not having injured the Ducks forward.

In addition, Torres reminded us of the work he’s been doing to return from knee issues, and proving to us that he is not some goon the Sharks found outside a San Jose bar.

Sharks GM Doug Wilson also released a statement, agreeing with the decision but trying to save face by claiming there was no malicious intent.

Torres will miss the first half of the season as a result of his suspension, the fifth he has received and would be the longest served by an NHL player for a hit on another player. Torres now holds second and fourth place on the list of longest NHL suspensions. (Were it not for a life suspension given in the 1920s, he’d have first and third.)

The Sharks won their first game last night, 5-1 over the Los Angeles Kings. Recap here.