The Search For A New Goal Song Continues

By: Joe Lami

The San Jose Sharks sent out another email to their season ticket holders on Friday giving an update on the search for the new goal song. The team decided this off-season to get rid of Rock n Roll Part Two, their goal song for the past 24 years because of Gary Glitter’s legal problems.

In the update, the Sharks announced the top two vote getters will continue and will be met by five fan suggestions.  The top two vote getters to advance were Green Day’s Holiday, which the Sharks had previously tried for a short stint in the 2006-07 season and Muse’s Uprising.

The five new songs to be added options for the Sharks include, Chase the Sun by Darts, Let’s Go by Sixx: AM, Party Hard by Andrew W.K. (way overused if you ask me), Hell Yeah by Rev Theory, and Beer by Reel Big Fish. Below you can find all of the options provided by the Sharks: