BURN: Breakdown of Bay Area Sports

To all the A’s fans out there, congratulations. Your team won the division. And appropriate props should be given. But to continually slam Giants fans in every way, shape, and form is uncalled for and unclassless. The vast majority of Giants fans really don’t hate the A’s, while it seems like every single A’s fan alive hates the Giants almost as badly as Dodger fans do. It’s ridiculous. Because of all this hate, I’m not really gonna root for the A’s in the postseason unless they’re playing the Dodgers, Rangers, or Yankees. In which case, go A’s.

To all the 49ers fans out there, I feel your pain. I’m aware the 49ers haven’t lost 2 games in a row under Harbaugh. The reality is, the 49ers aren’t the best team in the NFL. Their O-line is sloppy, their secondary is weak in pass coverage, and their corners have somehow lost the ability to tackle.

The team has lost their top 3 receivers from last year (remember Randy Moss retired), their starting nose tackle, their starting free safety (Eric Reid is doing fine though), their backup lineman (Francois), their swiss army knife tight end, and now have been temporarily hampered by losses to both the most athletic tight end and best middle linebacker in the NFL.

On top of that, they have 3 days of rest before playing in St. Louis on THURSDAY (which also is Tim Lincecum’s last start at AT&T), a game I don’t think SF can win unless they get their stuff together really quickly. The defenses of the NFL look like they’ve completely figured out how to stop mobile quarterbacks. In addition, Kaepernick looks like he’s completely forgotten how to win an NFL game. He’s not reading the entire field REGARDLESS of who is playing out there, and isn’t charging ahead full speed when he leaves the pocket-he’s still trying to throw the football.

If Kaepernick can’t figure out how to fix his mistakes by Week 3 of NEXT season, he shouldn’t be the quarterback of this team. He probably wouldn’t be the quarterback if he truly was this bad-he’d be replaced by one of the top college QB’s like Bridgewater, McCarron, or Mariota.

Which leads to this: Kaepernick really isn’t this bad. He has played three title contenders to start the season, all of which have had plenty of time to figure him out. The Packers have the best quarterback in the NFL, the Seacocks have the best home-field advantage in the NFL, and the Colts, in my opinion, are turning into one of the better teams in the NFL. The addition of Trent Richardson gives them a true threat in the run game to go with one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. They’re legit, and it’s OK that the Niners lost to them.

So now the question is: How does the team get back on track? The easiest way to make up for a game lost as the favorite is to win a game as an underdog. Meaning that the 49ers must FOR SURE win one of the following games: Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, @St. Louis, @New Orleans. In all honesty, if they’re not as good as we thought they were, they get to fix their few weaknesses instantly via the draft. They’ll for sure need a corner, 2 wideouts, a strong safety, a center, and possibly a kicker. They also need to cut down on their penalties. We know they like to hit and hit hard, but the multiple holding, pass interference, false start, and offsides penalties need to stop, as well as keep better clock management so as to not burn so many timeouts.

But have faith, Niner fans. Worst case scenario, the team goes 9-7. It could be worse. We could be 0-3 like the NY Giants.